According to the National Training Ordinance 1980 amended in 2002 the provincial training Boards (PTB) will establish Trade Testing Board in each province. In this regard the trade testing Board of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been established in 1994 to conduct the trade test of all vocational training courses and issue certificates to pass out trainees.It reflects from the said Ordinance referred as follows:-
“In section “5” the subsection “viii”:- to register and license all establishment organization or institutions which are offering vocational training; and
ix. Conduct trade tests and certifies the skilled persons and trainers who may have received vocationl training through any source or acquired the skill through experience or informal system”.
According to the ordinance, it will promote vocational training facilities in various fields and to provide for the financing of training programs and for matters ancillary or incidental thereto.
Pakistan’s greatest asset is its human resource on which progress and prosperity of the country largely depends. Human Resource Development plays vital role in enhancing productivity and key role for sustainable economic growth of the country.
Trade Testing is the process of measuring the competency and technical knowledge of a person aspiring to be a skilled worker, through practical performance and written expression. The quality of training should be sensitive with the emergent needs of job market.



To conduct assessment of skilled youth through experts on the parameters of transparency & merit and provide national skill certification on basis of standard competencies in a timely & congenial working environment


Today, Poverty is rising at globe generally and in south Asia specially every country targeting this menace in here socio- economic charter and action plans, as poverty generates numerous problems such as anti-state sentiments, terrorism etc. solution to poverty is to empower youth economically and financially through technical education having greater scope for self employment, as public sector is no more provider of jobs at such a large scale to accommodate growing youth population...

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In the continuous process of progress and prosperity of nations, it is very  important  to promote technical education & vocational training and certification according to current market needs. That is why the quantum of progress in scientific and technological pursuit is taken as an index of nations’ self-sufficiency, prosperity and supremacy in the world. In the face of these glaring realities, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government realizes that if we have to progress it requires ...

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